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Friday, June 27, 2014

AIR Guwahati's 67th Foundation Day on 1st July 2014.

All India Radio Guwahati station will turn 67 on 1st July 2014 and to mark this occassion a special memento to be released at a grand function to be held at Rabindra Bhavan, Guwahati on the same day. If any DXer friend wishes to collect this memento, you please may write to for details. 

(Information Curtsy:- Mr. Utpal Dutta, AIR Guwahati)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New DRM Receiver DR111 from Newstar Soon!!

Newstar Electronics and pfs-digitalradio announce the production of a new series of the well proofed and established DRM receiver DR111, provided sufficient confirmed orders will be received.

pfs-digitalradio will organize the coordinated orders from many diffe- rent customers around the world who have shown interest in the DR111 receiver. This is the reason why you receive this offer.

If you have only shown interest in the new DR212 you will also re- ceive this offer. Please decide if you want to change to the DR111 which is ready in three months after placing the order or if you want to wait for at least 12 months until the DR212 is ready developed and sufficient order quantity of at least 1.500 units is reached. Also please consider that the DR212 will be much more expensive be- cause of high developing costs. Price estimates can be given on special request and high order quantity.

The order process will happen in six steps:

1. Confirm your interest in the purchase of the DR111 together with the quantity you are interested in.
2. You will receive an offer based on the quantity of receivers in accordance with the price list below. All prices are fob (free on board) Chengdu, transport costs will be evaluated later. Custo- mers in Europe can purchase directly from me in Germany, I will handle transport, import and VAT payment. Customers in coun- tries with high order quantity can combine their order for lower prices and transport costs (India).
3. If the total order quantity reaches the critical mass for produc- tion, all interested potential customers will receive an invoice for immediate settlement and the order will be placed with Newstar.!
4. During the production time of three months the invoice for the transport to you directly or to the regional distributor will be send and have to be payed before delivery.
5. After tree month from the order date with Newstar the receivers are ready to be transported to you either directly or via a local distributor like me in Europe, provided all invoices have been settled.
6. Whenever you handle the importation in your country on your own you have to handle all custom and tax businesses by yourself.

1.Price List (fob Chengdu/China)
1-99 DR111 175 $US
100-499 DR111 155 $US
500-999 DR111 145 $US
>1000 DR111 140 $US!

2. Payment!

All payments have to be made in full to the account mentioned on the invoice. Any trans- fer costs have to be payed additionally for by the customer. The advance payment is se- cured by a bank guaranty until the radio is delivered.!
No payment has to be made if the critical order mass or minimum order quantity is not r!eached. In this case the order process will not happen.

3. Transport

Each transport has to be handled individually because of different transport costs and conditions for each country. If a customer wants to handle the transport from Chengdu to his country by himself he is free to do so. If not I would be happy to help together with Newstar to organize the transport. In any case the importation has to be done by the customer himself. For all European customers I will arrange for transport and importation in the European Union. If a European customer prefers to handle the import on his own he is free to do so.

4. Combined orders from one country

If I receive many orders from the same country and if the customers agree I will bundle the transport to this individual country either by myself or with the help of a local distribu- tor. This would allow for much lower transport costs and if the total order quantity exceeds one of the price classes above also the price per receiver. But this need a national distri- butor and the agreement by the individual customer which should be mentioned on your order.

5. Different types of DR111

The prices mentioned above are for the DR111 basis model as explained on the flyer on the first page of this information. !
This receiver can be offered with the following options and with additional costs:!

1. DR111 Basis model plus journaline and the new audio encoder xH-AAC will be avail- able for additional 15 $US per receiver.

2. The DR111A comes without Long-Wave frequency band and would cost 3 $US per receiver less than compared to the prices of the basis model. The new audio encoder xH-AAC is not foreseen for this model at the moment.

6. Warranty

Newstar gives the following warranty information:
Please keep your electronic receipt as proof of purchase. NewStar Electronics warrants the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship in the course of normal use for one year after the original date of purchase. This guarantee co- vers breakdowns due to manufacturing or design faults. The warranty DOES NOT apply in accidental damage, negligence, excessive voltage (lightning or power surges) or any
m!odification or repair not authorized by us or case has been removed, wear & tear.

7. Warranty Registration

It is a warranty condition that you MUST register your purchase by either mail us for regis- tration information within three month of purchasing, or registers online at

8. Warranty for European Uni
All receivers sold in Europe are subject to the European Warranty Regulation and will be handled by www.pfs-digitalradio.

Peter Senger