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Sunday, October 30, 2011

British Radio Geronimo will be on air on 30th October

British Radio Geronimo will be on air on 6.9 MHz (6920<) next Sunday October 30th. It will be the first official Autumn broadcast with programmes presented by Dave Scott & Peter Verbruggen. Expect some great rock tunes. The broadcast will start at 08:30 UTC = 09:30 CET.

(Curtsey: Peter Verbruggen, FRS-Holland)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


(Post Curtsy: Victor Goonetilleke & INDIA DXING COOPERATION FORUM in Facebook)

First download this software from their website:

then unzip it in a folder

read the pdf file on client server setup...

configure as client (no special task just follow the below steps)

just run the main exe file and in bottom left screen choose input as "NET", then click on 'addr' button and a new dialoue asks your name, give a small nickname so everybody can understand its u, say 'yourname_in'

give your city name in place and click ok

then a window opens with google map showing available perseus online, click on 4s7vk or victors at sri lanka and u will see details will be automatically filled in below form and click OK

within few seconds (depending on connection) u can get it in control

the perseus software seems to be a pilots dashboard, u might take some time to get habituated. I always find it fun, when the Sri Lankan one is busy I enjoy one of four available in Japan, the only bad thing is the software is a trial one so it will expire within 30 days

(From an Indian friend)


Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our 40thQSL card. This is the fifth QSL
card commemorating 2011 as RFA’s 15thanniversary.

Rebiya Kadeer, exile Uyghur community leader, is president of the World Uyghur Congress and an advocate for China’s largely Muslim Uyghur minority. RFA’s first broadcast was in Mandarin Chineseon September 29, 1996 at 2100 UTC. Acting as a substitute for indigenous free media, RFA concentrates its coverage on events occurring in and/or affecting the countries to which we broadcast. Those countries are: Burma, Cambodia, Laos, North Korea, Peoples republic of China, and Vietnam. This QSL card will be used to confirm all valid reception reports for October 2011. Similar designs will continue to be announced monthly between now and the end of the year. To learn more about RFA’s anniversary, visit

RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate, and timely news reports are unavailable. Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA currently broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin, the Wu dialect, Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest.

More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience.

If you have a smart phone, feel free to use the QR code below to access the automated reception report system and submit your reception reports to the web site.

You also have the option of using the following Microsoft Tag from your smartphone.
The free mobile app for your smartphone is available at

Reception reports are also accepted by email at, and for anyone without
Internet access, reception reports can be mailed to:

Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America.

Upon request, RFA will also send a copy of the current broadcast schedule and a station sticker.

(Via. Harry Lee Scott, Deputy Director, Program and Operations Support, Radio Free Asia)