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Thursday, March 31, 2011

EGYPTIAN RADIO & TV UNION ( ERTU) - Tentative A11 Schedule

Egyptian Radio & TV Union (ERTU) or Radio Cairo tentative A11 schedule



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation A11 Schedule

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation recently released their HF schedule for A11. Please use the link below to download this PBC schedule. 

Send your comments and reception reports to : External Services, 
                                                                                    PBC, 2nd Floor, NBH,
                                                                                    Constitution Avenue, 
                                                                                    Sector G-5/2, 
                                                                                    Islamabad, Pakistan
                                                            Email:   (For Reception reports only)

Visit PBC Web Site:



Monday, March 28, 2011

Athmeeya Yatra Radio A11

Athmeeya Yatra Radio A11 Schedule via their web link

Athmeeya Yatra Radio Web Site :

Address for sending comments and  Reception Reports: Athmeeyayathra, Manjadi Junction P.O , Tiruvalla- 5. Kerala. India.   Email: 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

RFI The Sound Kitchen is Back Again & My Memories with them.

I have been listening to Radio France International since I started SWL. But in the middle there was a gap of two/three years when I was unable to tune radio due to some the then changes in my life and went to a distance from radio world. When I made my comeback to SWL and DXing mid last year I was informed by one of my DXer friend that RFI has changed the name of its mailbag show "The Club 9516"  to "The Sound Kitchen" and that great man also informed me that RFI now available in the subcontinent via internet only. Due to my curiosity to my one time favourite show "The Club 9516", I began listening its newer version "The Sound Kitchen" hosted by Susan Owensby and found this show more interesting with the inclusion of some new segments and beautiful presentation style of Susan. I was attracted by Susan's hosting the show and one very special segment of the show "This I Believe" where a listener is invited to read his or her believe on life or can share their thoughts. One day I decided to write my thought on "LOVE", without which I believe nobody can become an complete human being. So, I wrote the following essay and sent it to Susan. And after that what had happened, that created my life's some very sweet memories which I shall cherish always. Susan called me up on phone and we talked on many things including the Bhogali Bihu- one feasting festival of Assam and also I do read the following essay on my belief. After few days or weeks Both my essay and my thoughts on Bhogali Bihu featured as the  title content of "The Sound Kitchen" show's two episodes and two lovely Indian regional compositions (songs) also played on RFI which itself creates history (may be) of being played in Radio France International for the first time ever. The two songs were "O Mur Apunar Desh" -the State anthem of Assam composed by poet Lakshminath Bezbaruah and other one is a lovely Bengali romantic composition by Rabondranath Tagore "Ek Tuku Chowa Lage", each sung by Zubin Garg and Kishor Kumar respectively.  

You can hear the two "The Sound Kitchen" shows in which I have appeared, by using  the below links.
This week on the Club 9516/The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear from listener Prithwiraj Purkayastha, about the Bhogali Bihu harvest festival in Assam, India. There’s great music, listener letters, and the quiz … don’t miss it!
This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear a “This I Believe” essay from listener Prithwiraj Purkayastha. There’s music to celebrate International Women’s Day, and, of course, the quiz … don’t miss it!

The Essay I read in the show titled "This I Believe" on LOVE..

This I Believe: I believe in Love, because I think without love, one

cannot survive, in the real sense, in this world. It is said that a person

who does not fall in love at some moment in his life will never be a full

human being.

I believe that love just happens. Love is not only about loving

a beautiful girl - you can fall in love with anyone who has touched your

like a Mother who so painfully gives birth, and then spends many

sleepless nights caring for her baby.

Like the father who works tirelessly to earn the bread and butter

for his children.

Like the husband and wife who care for each other more than

anything else.

Like the sister and brother who fight over small chocklets, but share the

most important moments.

Like all those friends and relatives who care about you, who share the

happy moments in your life, and who support you when you are in


I believe you can even fall in love with something which is special in your

Like a stamp collector who can love his stamps more than his life,

Like a radio listener who can love some stations more than his own

Like a fisherman who can love his boat more than anything.

There are as many ways of loving as there are people. And I believe one

can not survive in this world without this special aspect of human life,

because otherwise, there will be only hate and anger. This I Believe.

For myself, I love my mother, I love my wife Barnali, and I love every

person who really loves me from their heart.

Love to you all,
Prithwiraj Purkayastha

My essay appeared in second last full length episode of The Sound Kitchen and after that essay of mine aired I got to know that the RFI authority had decided to cease all its cultural magazine show including The Sound Kitchen. It was heart breaking for me as well as many The Sound Kitchen fans.  Immediately I felt so much lucky to be able to took part in this great show and making some personal sweet memories and histories for myself. Immediately I wrote about my memories with the The Sound Kitchen in this blog. But few days later again I heard the great news which I never expected. The Sound Kitchen is back again!!!! Yes, its true. I got an email from The Sound Kitchen loveliest presenter Susan and she wrote the following and wanted to inform you all about this good news. 

Susan wrote "Did you know that finally RFI decided that the Sound Kitchen COULD stay on the air? It is now only 5 minutes long, with 3 minutes of music following, but at least there is that! It's now on at 4:22, 5:52, and 7:22 universal time, on Sunday mornings. It will be up on the web, on Sundays, on the home page, under Short Features. There's even a new logo - I hope you like it! Tell everyone!"

Susan also informed that she is working on The Sound Kitchen Listener's Cook book where some interesting recipes sent by the listeners will be published along with their name and address and if requested with their photo also. But for this all listeners should send their consent of including their name with full contact details in the Cook Book by sending an email to Susan at So, hurry-up and send your materials to Susan SOON.

                                                    My RFI CLUB 9516 Membership Card

                                       Some Gifts received from Club 9516-The Sound Kitchen 

Still who are interested to listen the back editions of "The Sound Kitchen" or the New short editions, can do so by checking the official web page of the show.



B10 Last Day Observations & Thoughts

Dear Friends,

As a SWL I am always interested to observe and monitor the reception condition of international radio stations on Shortwave bands. Yesterday was the last day of B10 transmission schedule, as from 27th (today) many international broadcaster will shift to new A11 frequencies. So, I tried to tune into some stations following the B10 schedule for the last time and found the following reception condition of them in my place. For all loggings I have use my beloved Degen 1103 digital receiver with a loop antenna. 

UTC Time      Frequency              Station                Language             SIO
0230               9510kHz        IRIB- Radio Tehran      Hindi                 232 (Weak Signal with lots of propagation disturbance and noise)
0240               17760kHz       BBC                                 Hindi                 444
0245               17825kHz       BBC                                 Hindi                 545
0325               11695 kHz      Deutsche Welle             English               433 (Propagation disturbance and some inrf.)
0340               15320kHz       RTI                                 English               423 (severe noise and interference)
0400               11895 kHz      R. Romania Int.             English               433 (Propagation disturbance and little noise)
1300               9720 kHz         NHK- R. Japan              Bengali              433 (Propagation disturbance and little noise)
1615                5965 kHz      Deutsche Welle                  English               333 (Average Signal, lots of fading and unclear voice quality.)
1630                9515 kHz       KBS World Radio              English               544
1700                11740 kHz      BBC                                    Hindi                  555

This B10 season of international broadcasting was one of the most happening as well as tough  period in shortwave broadcasting as many international broadcasters decided many cuts and closures in their transmission. Starting with Radio Prague which has ended their broadcasting via SW completely from 1st January 2011 ending an era of glorious broadcasting. After that VOA and BBC World service also announces major cuts in their language service worldwide. Among these VOA's decision of ending its Mandarin language service to China creates as major reaction among the listeners and media persons in China. VOA has been broadcasting since early 1940s in Mandarin and this program is very much popular among people of China. If this decision of BBG prevails, then VOA’s China service will go off the air on 1st October 2011. While there is a complete cut decision on VOA's Cantonese service. The BBC World service has also decided to implement some major cuts in their language service to save money and match the British Government's budget cuts on World Service. The Albanian, Macedonian, Portuguese for Africa and Serbian languages, and  English for the Caribbean regional service of BBC will be completely closed. While radio programming in Azeri, Mandarin Chinese (Cantonese radio programming continues), Russian (save for some programmes which will be distributed online only), Spanish for Cuba, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian will be ended. There is also a decision to cease all shortwave transmission in Hindi, Indonesian, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Swahili and the Great Lakes service (for Rwanda and Burundi). Although after strong protest from listeners in India as well as from many British parliamentarians and opposition leaders and also because of coming up of many corporate houses for financial support  to save BBC Hindi service, the BBC has decided to continue this service with some cuts in broadcasting hours. Now BBC Hindi can be heard only in the evening for one hour and its all other morning and night programming will be stopped. The DW Bengali service which ended its Bengali and Hindi services via Shortwave last season, has decided to end its Bengali service on Medium wave also. Now this Bengali service will be available only via internet and podcast as in the case of Hindi already. Radio France International has also decided to go with the changing waves and now want to stick with hard news and stories only. They have announced to close their all cultural programs including my and many radio listener's favourite mailbag show "The Sound Kitchen" which was previously known as "The Club 9516". I feel so lucky to be a part of this great show for two times and contributing to them my thoughts and feelings. You can listen these programs featuring my self using the below links.

Among all bad news, there is a ray of hope from NHK Radio Japan, who has decided to start a half hour extra broadcast in Hindi in the morning. This decision really SWLs like me to continue tuning into radio in with the hope to listening stations around the world. So, now once again I can say,



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radio Free Asia A11

Radio Free Asia
A11 Daily Broadcast Frequencies
As of March 27, 2011

All times UTC

Burmese (4 hours daily)
0030-0130 13820, 13865, 17835
1230-1330 7390,  9335, 13675
1330-1400 7390,  9335, 12140
1400-1430 7390,  9335
1630-1730 9945

Cantonese (2 hours daily)
1400-1430 6025
1430-1500 6025,  7280
2200-2300 9720, 11785

Khmer (2 hours daily)
1230-1330 12140, 15145
2230-2330 5840, 13740

Korean (5 hours daily)
1500-1700 648, 5895, 7210, 7455
1700-1800 648, 5895, 9975
1800-1900 648, 5895, 7465
2100-2200 648, 7460, 9385, 12075

Lao (2 hours daily)
0000-0100 15545, 15690
1100-1200 9355, 15145

Mandarin (12 hours daily)
0300-0600 13760, 15120, 15615, 15635, 17615, 17855, 21550, 21580
0600-0700 13760, 15120, 15615, 15635, 17615, 17855, 21550
1500-1600 9455,  9905, 11540, 11965, 12005, 13640, 13675
1600-1700 5855,  9455,  9905, 11540, 11870, 12005, 13675
1700-1800 5855,  7280,  9355,  9455,  9540,  9905, 11870, 13625
1800-1900 7280,  7355,  9355,  9455,  9540, 9690, 11540, 13625
1900-2000 1098,  5855,  7260,  7355,  7435,  9355,  9455,  9875,  9905, 11785, 13625 
2000-2100 1098,  5855, 6140, 7260,  7355,  7435,  9355,  9455,  9905, 11785
2100-2200 1098,  5855,  6140,  7355,  7435,  9455,  9905
2300-0000 7540,  9535, 11760, 11785, 15430, 15585

Tibetan (10 hours daily)
0100-0300 9365, 9885, 11695, 15225, 17730
0600-0700 17510, 17765, 21500, 21690
1000-1100 15435, 17750, 21530
1100-1200 7470, 13830, 15670, 17750
1200-1400 7470, 11590, 11605, 13830, 15670
1500-1600 9370, 11585, 11590, 11795
2200-2300 5865, 7505, 9880
2300-0000 5860,  7505,  9805,  9875

Uyghur (2 hours daily)
0100-0200 9350, 9490, 11895, 11945, 17640
1600-1700 9370,  9530,  9555, 11750

Vietnamese (2.5 hours daily)
0000-0030 7445, 11605, 13740, 15560
1400-1430 1503,  7520,  9465,  9715, 11605, 11680, 12140
1430-1500 7520,  9465,  9715, 11605, 11680, 12140
2300-2330 1359
2330-0000 1359, 7520, 11605, 13740, 15560

(Reproduced from RFA A11 Pdf Frequency list)

CVC- The Voice Asia Program Guide

Hi Friends,

Just Got this Program Guide from Ray of CVC- India. Please listen to CVC - The Voice Asia and give your life some musical and eternal peace. 

Programme Guide - CVC The voice Asia
Monday to Friday
05:30 - 09:30
Sanjay Camron/Treesa
6260 & @ 6:30am 9975
49 & @ 6:30am 31
09:30 - 12:30
Anand hi Anand
John Masih
12:30 - 16:30
Ireena Kari
16:30 - 19:30
Reema Braich
19:30 - 22:30
Harry Dass
22:30 - 01:30
Pritam John
Saturday & Sunday
05:30 - 09:30
Mauj Masti
Rahul Hidayat
6260 & @ 6:30am 9975
49 & @ 6:30am 31
09:30 - 12:30
Cynthia Yousuf
12:30 - 16:30
16:30 - 19:30
Dil se Dil
19:30 - 22:30
22:30 - 01:30
Shubh Sandesh