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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

KBS & Voice of Mongolia Updates

On Saturday night (11th March) I have undertaken a comparative observation of three transmission frequencies on different transmission time. Tuned to 9515 kHz on 1648 UTC and found that the reception condition was quite good with strong signal strength. But there was some QRM noted on the background and some static noise also found. Heard an interview in that program. Also tuned on to 9640 kHz on 1655 UTC and found that the signal strength was weak and noise level was quite high comparison to 9515 kHz, but on QRM noted in that frequency. Later in the night I tuned into KBS World Radio in English on 7275 kHz from 1800 UTC. Noted some QRM from Chinese and another stations in that frequency and also some noise and propagation disturbance also noted. The signal strength was average. Heard the news and reports, Seoul Calling and later Worldwide Friendship.

Here are couple of voice file of this KBS observation.

Voice of Mongolia

On 13th March evening I received Voice of Mongolia in English for the first time using Grundig YB 80 and my beloved Kestral loop antenna on 12085 kHz from 1030 UTC. Actually I wanted to hear that evening transmission of VOM since long time, but could not do so because of official engagements during that time on weekdays and for my appointment with my bed on Sundays. But this time I tuned to that station and found the reception quality very good. Signal strength was very good and there were very little noise and propagation noted. But the voice quality of the transmission was not satisfactory and unclear. Program was talks on Mongolian issues and events and in-between these many Mongolian songs heard. The show was hosted by a female presenter. Here is a link to VOM recording of 13th March.


Prithwiraj Purkayastha

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