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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My observations of Past two Days..


Yes, on 10th March I spent almost the whole day doing DX related activities, but have not experimented with antenna, but completed few reception reports to some stations and some letters to few stations. In the evening though monitored Radio Free Sarawak on 15420 kHz at 1140 UTC on 10th March 2011. The station was received here with strong signal with very little QRM and but some propagation disturbances. Program was in local dialect of Sarawak and some interview and conversation among males heard followed by radio Free Sarawak Facebook page related announcement and a song titled "Good Night Sweetheart" ended the transmission at 1200 UTC. My SIO 444.

Here is a link to that recorded voice file of RFS.

Do you have any idea on RFS QSL service?


Yesterday I was shocked after hearing the news on Japan's devastating Earthquake and tsunami. It was really heart breaking to see the horrible videos of this natural calamity over NHK World TV. I was also thought that the SW transmission of NHK may be off yesterday as there were massive destroys caused by tsunami, but its good to listen updates from Japan directly via NHK Radio Japan Bengali at 1300 UTC on 9720 kHz. There was lots of noise and propagation disturbance and some QRM was also observed on the background. Here are link of two recorded voice files of NHK Radio Japan on 11th March 2011.

KBS WORLD RADIO on 11th March:

Later in the evening yesterday I monitored KBS World Radio on 9515 kHz from 1645 UTC and found that the reception was quite good with strong signal. But some QRM and static noise noted. In the program an interview of a YM and YL heard. Also tuned on to 9640 kHz on 1655 UTC and found that the signal strength was very weak there and the noise level is quite high comparison to 9515 kHz, but no QRM noted on this frequency.

For all these observations I used:

Grundig YB 80 Receiver with Kestral 31MS loop antenna.



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