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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forward your helping hand to Older people..

That day I was standing in a roadside hotel with a cup of tea in hand. I was so hungry that I could not even able to talk to friends who accompanied me. Suddenly a very poor old man slowly came towards that hotel owner and begged him something to eat. He was also very hungry. But the hotel owner shouted on that poor old man and asked his to leave his premises. That old man was helpless and was going out of that hotel. I felt very bad for this. I thought that If that old man was my grand father or father, and if some how they were in his position, what shall I feel then!!! This is just a matter of time and any one could be in that position.......May be I also!!!!!!!1

I called this old man up and asked his to choose any thing from that hotel to eat. You could not believe, I saw a ray of hope hope and happiness in that poor man's face and that gave me immanence pleasure at that time.May Be me at any moment of life his blessings work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use to to help old people in many ways and that gives me a unknown satisfaction.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tujhe Sab Hai Paata Meri Maa.......

Maa- in everyone's life this is the most important relation i think. This is Maa or Mother or Amma or Aai or Mom-- in any name you call her, you can not even see the light of world without her sacrifices and contributions towards your life. This is She who bears the pain for nine long months, this is Maa who even remain sleepless if her child is in pain, this is Maa who can not take her meal without feeding her children, this our Maa who sacrifices many of her wishes only to fulfill our dreams.....

I am so lucky that I have one, NO (!!!!) two Maa in my life. Surprised na!!!! But its true. My 1st Maa is who who brought me to this earth, sacrifices many of her golden days to bring me up, and still she is bearing many pain for me. In fact she is the woman whom I love the most and who cares for me and know me more than myself and anybody else. She is my MAA, my life...

And now the second one. She is my BhabiMAA, who still is a misty for me. She came to my life 14 years back when she get married with my cousin brother. But I don't know why I have never able to treat her as my Bhavi. From the beginning I feel like I know her for many years back. She is soft spoken woman and speak very less. But I can read her eye language, I also feel the same pain if she is in pain. She, I know sacrifices a lot for our family. She is simply my Goddess and I can not leave without her blessings....

So, these are the two lovely woman whom I love so much, and without them my life will be like a desert.

Images of Father's Death Anniversary Function.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

20th September---My Dad's 16th Death Anniversary

My Father was a simple school teacher. He was teaching in Sree Bharati M. E. School of Jorhat. But his popularity among his students we could only realised when he died after suffering from Cancer, on this same day 16 years back, i.e in 20th September 1992.We saw that thousands of people took part in his last journey which include many of his students. Now also we come acropss many of Dad's ex-students who even breaks up telling about father's simplicity, dedic ation towards his profession and kindness to his students. This is why i am always looking for a opportunity to observe His death anniversary among his first love, that is, his students.

This year the school authority has given me this opportunity. So, we organised a quiz competition as well as a art contest among the students. In the prize giving ceremony my mother Jharna Purkayastha and father's friend and coligue Mr. Asish Das remembered His contribution towards school and society. They also gave away the prizes to the winners of the competitions. Some sweets are also distributed among the students of the school.

This was a great experiance for our family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am a very simple guy, who believes in God, spirituality, love and relations. I am sometimes become very emotional and feel very hurt if someone play with or laugh on my emotions.
I love to trust people very soon, sometimes not even judging them accurately. In many occations my this attitude created problems in life! But still i love to trust people, like to love all. Infact LOVE is a very important word in my dictionery. I believe with Love and care you can win everyone's heart and can win every war of life......

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HI, This is my Blog!!!!!

Hi All,
This is Prithwiraj Purkayastha, signing in for the first time into blogger's world. Please keep visiting my blog for many interesting things......