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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RFA Announces Its 37th QSL Card

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our 37th QSL card. This is the second 
QSL card commemorating 2011 as RFA’s 15th anniversary. RFA’s first broadcast was in 
Mandarin Chinese on September 29, 1996 at 2100 UTC. Acting as a substitute for 
indigenous free media, RFA concentrates its coverage on events occurring in and/or 
affecting the countries to which we broadcast. Those countries are: Burma, Cambodia, 
Laos, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, and Vietnam. This QSL card will be used 
to confirm all valid reception reports from July 1 - August 31, 2011. The four pieces of 
artwork were created earlier this year by the children of RFA’s personnel. This card not 
only commemorates RFA’s 15th anniversary but also helps capture the spirit of the RFA’s 
family and friends around the world while promoting peace, freedom and democracy.

RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information to listeners
in Asian countries where full, accurate, and timely news reports are unavailable. Created 
by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA currently broadcasts in Burmese, 
Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin, the Wu dialect, Vietnamese, 
Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and 
fairness in its editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides news and 
commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these 
countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its 
broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about Radio Free 
Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at 
RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to 
RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA 
confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA 
welcomes all reception report submissions at (follow the QSL 
REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience. If 
you have a smart phone, feel free to use the QR code below to access the automated 
reception report system and submit your reception reports to the web site. 

You also have the option of using the following Microsoft Tag from your smartphone. 
The free mobile app for your smartphone is available at 

Reception reports are also accepted by email at, and for anyone without 
Internet access, reception reports can be mailed to:

Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America. 

Upon request, RFA will also send a copy of the current broadcast schedule and a station 

Best wishes from all of us at RFA. 

AJ Janitschek
Radio Free Asia
2025 M Street, NW
Washington DC 20036
United States of America
+1 (202)530-4900

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Radio Prague Competition Results

The overall winner of the 2011 Radio Prague Competition is:

Ralf Urbanczyk, Germany

English section finalists:

Prithwiraj Purkayastha, India
Hans Verner Lollike, Denmark
Aparna Chatterjee, India

Radio Prague is announcing its annual competition for 2011. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in the month of May we will be playing a song which originated in an unnamed Czech theatre. We want you to listen to the song and tell us which theatre it was and who were its main protagonists. The jury will consider the quality of contributions and the research involved. The competition starts on May 1st and ends on May 31st.

Entries should be sent no later than May 31st to or by regular mail to:
Radio Prague
Vinohradská 12
12099 Praha 2
Czech Republic

The winner will receive a digital radio and another 30 contestants will receive small prizes. We wish you happy listening and good luck!


Lucky Draw: Best Wishes for ROC’s Centenary

Paula Chao | June 19, 2011
RTI would like to thank listeners for participating in our  “Best Wishes for ROC’s Centenary.” The English Service received 38 entries, including 4 letters and 34 MP3 files.
1.Pen with ROC national flag ( Simon Grant; John M. Matthews ) 2.  Leather accessory (Tarun Maitra;  Swopan Chakroborty)  3. All-purpose bag ( A. Balendra; Rabi Sankar Bosu; Harold Woering) 4.Name card holder with ROC national flag logo (S.Shah; Joshua Ojiyovwi Zenit Orogun; Jayanta Chakrabarty) 5. Name card holder with the words of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Richard Chen; A.K.M. Nuruzzaman; Prtithwiraj Purkayastha) 6. Ball point pen (Mohamed Elsayed Abd El-Raheim; Ralf Ladusch; Priyanka Chakroborty; Bezazel Ferhat Ben Rabah 7. Commemorative pin (Sudeshna Bosu; Subhrajit Roy; M. Ganesan; Anwar Ikbal Mukta: Puspo Maitra; Ali Haider; Deepa Chakraborty; Udit Sankar Bosu; Felix)

(Curtsy: Here in Taiwan, The blog of Radio Taiwan International's English Service)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FM DX in Jorhat, Assam

For last few days reading in various DX groups that FM bands are doing fantastic and people reported that they are able to listen some FM stations which are far far away from their locations. Having some excitement in mind yesterday (14th June 2011) morning around 02:58 UTC I tuned on the FM band on my Degen 1103 receiver and did a scan for next half hour or so. And found a very interesting result. During first 10 minutes' tuning I found the following FM stations almost with clear reception.

88.92- Unidentified Chinese Station
90.10- Unidentified Chinese Station
91.10- Unidentified Indian Station playing Hindi Songs
91.20- Unidentified Chinese Station
93.82- Unidentified Chinese Station

But when I retried to listen them again after 4/5 minutes, all these stations vanished. Then I scan upwards through the band and found few more Chinese stations blasting at my QTH.

96.90 - Unidentified Chinese Station playing songs.
97.60- Unidentified Chinese Station
99.70- Unidentified Chinese Station
101.00 - Unidentified Chinese Station
102.10 - Unidentified Chinese Station
102.90 - Unidentified Chinese Station
106.12 - Unidentified Chinese Station
106.92 - Unidentified Chinese Station

I have recorded few transmissions which I received during this interesting FM observations. Please click the below link:

Its very interesting that from my QTH located in Jorhat in India, that is on Latitude: 26° 45' 0 N, Longitude: 94° 13' 0 E, these Chinese stations received clearly, but no sign of any Indian or regional FM stations which are use to active in Guwahati or other cities of North East India or in nearing Myanmar or Bangladesh.  Can anybody tell me why this happen? Do these Chinese FM stations using very strong transmitters as China used to use for SW broadcasting? This is a million dollar question for me now!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Radio Havana Cuba new Contest

Radio Havana Cuba new Contest:

“The World of Stamps” program invites you to participate in a new
contest. The question you must answer is as follows: What’s your
opinion about the cuban stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary
of the proclamation of the Socialist Character of the Revolution and
the Victory of Playa Girón”?

Participats will eceive a package of Cuban Stamps on different
topics. Besides, the best 50 answer will be awarded a copy of the
stamp marking the 50th Anniversary of Radio Havana Cuba. Contest
deadline is December 31st, 2011.

(Via. Rosario Lafita Fernández
Head of Correspondence Dept.
Radio Havana Cuba)