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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FM DX in Jorhat, Assam

For last few days reading in various DX groups that FM bands are doing fantastic and people reported that they are able to listen some FM stations which are far far away from their locations. Having some excitement in mind yesterday (14th June 2011) morning around 02:58 UTC I tuned on the FM band on my Degen 1103 receiver and did a scan for next half hour or so. And found a very interesting result. During first 10 minutes' tuning I found the following FM stations almost with clear reception.

88.92- Unidentified Chinese Station
90.10- Unidentified Chinese Station
91.10- Unidentified Indian Station playing Hindi Songs
91.20- Unidentified Chinese Station
93.82- Unidentified Chinese Station

But when I retried to listen them again after 4/5 minutes, all these stations vanished. Then I scan upwards through the band and found few more Chinese stations blasting at my QTH.

96.90 - Unidentified Chinese Station playing songs.
97.60- Unidentified Chinese Station
99.70- Unidentified Chinese Station
101.00 - Unidentified Chinese Station
102.10 - Unidentified Chinese Station
102.90 - Unidentified Chinese Station
106.12 - Unidentified Chinese Station
106.92 - Unidentified Chinese Station

I have recorded few transmissions which I received during this interesting FM observations. Please click the below link:

Its very interesting that from my QTH located in Jorhat in India, that is on Latitude: 26° 45' 0 N, Longitude: 94° 13' 0 E, these Chinese stations received clearly, but no sign of any Indian or regional FM stations which are use to active in Guwahati or other cities of North East India or in nearing Myanmar or Bangladesh.  Can anybody tell me why this happen? Do these Chinese FM stations using very strong transmitters as China used to use for SW broadcasting? This is a million dollar question for me now!

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