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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Lower Band Experiences of 15th March 2011 Night

For last few days I was reading many posts of my senior DXers that lower band frequencies recently doing very well and many stations have been heard around the world. So, on 15th March 2011 night I have decided to have a solo expedition of my own. So, around 1730 UTC I had a scan 60 and 49 mb with my Grundig YB 80 digital receiver and Kestral loop antenna. I heard the following interesting stations with quite satisfactory reception conditions.

1730 UTC onwards....

4880 kHz --- AIR Lucknow --- News in English followed by Hindi "Samachar" -- SIO 333
4820 kHz --- Xizang, China -- Instrumental Music --- SIO 333 ( on the background AIR Kolkata heard giving news in Hindi)
4920 kHz --- AIR Chennai --- News in Hindi -- SIO- 222 ( again in this frequency Xizang, China was noted strong)
4980 kHz --- Xinjiang, China --- YM/YL talks -- SIO 433
4500 kHz --- Xinjiang, China --- Music --- SIO 444

on 5780 kHz heard BBG- VOA Ashna Radio from 1740 UTC with strong signal, but some noise and propagation disturbance noted. Program was in Dari and frequent use of word "Afghanistan" and interviews in English on Afgan issues confirmed me that I have heard Ashna Radio. SIO 433.

I have followed WRTH 2011 for all this logs. If there is any mistake in my identification of stations, please do give your valuable suggestions.


Prithwiraj Purkayastha

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