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Saturday, October 8, 2011


(Post Curtsy: Victor Goonetilleke & INDIA DXING COOPERATION FORUM in Facebook)

First download this software from their website:

then unzip it in a folder

read the pdf file on client server setup...

configure as client (no special task just follow the below steps)

just run the main exe file and in bottom left screen choose input as "NET", then click on 'addr' button and a new dialoue asks your name, give a small nickname so everybody can understand its u, say 'yourname_in'

give your city name in place and click ok

then a window opens with google map showing available perseus online, click on 4s7vk or victors at sri lanka and u will see details will be automatically filled in below form and click OK

within few seconds (depending on connection) u can get it in control

the perseus software seems to be a pilots dashboard, u might take some time to get habituated. I always find it fun, when the Sri Lankan one is busy I enjoy one of four available in Japan, the only bad thing is the software is a trial one so it will expire within 30 days

(From an Indian friend)

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