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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some More A11 Observations

Dear DXer Friends,

Here is some of my observations during current A11 transmission season. For all the monitoring I have used my beloved Degen DE 1103 and Grundig YB 80 digital receivers with Kestral W31MS loop antenna. 

Radio Romania International

I did monitored RRI reception quality here from my QTH in Jorhat located at Coordinates: 26.75°N 94.22°E. I noted that the reception of RRI English service transmission during B10 schedule were not so much satisfactory on 9690 kHz and 11895 kHz. While monitoring these frequencies I found that on 9690 kHz RRI was almost inaudible and on 11895 kHz though RRI was received, but not satisfactory. 
From the beginning of A11 schedule this poor reception condition of RRI has improved dramatically on new frequency 15340 kHz with strong signal strength and almost clear voice quality. Over the past few days enjoying Radio Romania programs between 0300-0400 UTC on 15340 kHz with lots of clarity and good reception condition. But the frequency 11895 kHz is not doing well right now. 

RRI Voice File:

SLBC Hindi and All Asia Service

For last few days I have been very much satisfied with the reception condition of SLBC, both Hindi Language service as well as All Asia service in English. I have noted that the reception of Hindi language service at 11905 kHz is doing very good compared to reception of few weeks back with lesser noise and propagation. Although some interference also noted during my two days observation of this frequency on 5th and 6th of April, but still I believe that I am able to listen this Hindi language service with good reception condition after a long time. Enjoyed those golden Hindi film songs on SLBC. While on 15745 kHz, the reception of All Asia service is quite good with good signal strength, but here also some noise and propagation disturbance noted.

IRIB English

Tuned to IRIB English language service on 31/03/11 at 11945 kHz around 1545 UTC and found the reception as loud and clear. But from 1600 UTC the noise level suddenly increased a lot. Again on 4th of April heard IRIB English language transmission from 1110 UTC on 21630 kHz and at this frequency found the reception condition very good and loud. No interference noted as well as very low noise level observed. 

IRIB Voice File:

NHK World Radio Japan

NHK World Radio Japan Bengali service has change its frequency of transmission from old 9720 kHz to 11685 kHz transmitter at Singapore. This change has been noted as remarkable as this Singapore relay station is blasting now a days with clear and loud reception quality here in Assam. After a long long time listening Radio Japan Bengali service with very satisfactory reception condition. On the other hand the Hindi service of NHK now broadcasting two time a day, in morning as well as evening. The morning transmission which starts at 0130 UTC received here on 11740 kHz with not so much clear reception. The signal strength during this morning transmission noted as fair to weak and lots of propagation and noise observed. The evening transmission which starts at 1430 UTC on 15745 kHz is received here with quite strong signal and lesser noise and no interference. 

Voice File of NHK Hindi:
Voice File of NHK Bengali:

TRT- Voice of Turkey

I found that the Voice of Turkey English transmission these days has been coming loud and clear on 15520 kHz between 1630-1730 UTC,  although some noise and propagation noted during the first half of the transmission, but almost clear during the second half. But noted that the one hour transmissions is ending up before 10 minutes of schedule time. This is quite surprising for me.

Voice file of TRT:

Also observed that KBS and RTI English transmissions from 1600 UTC on 9515 kHz and  9435 kHz respectively  for several days now and found that KBS  is being heard with nice reception having strong singal quality and clarity in voice. But RTI reception is not that much improved till now as I noted strong interference (though lesser than B10 season) and severe noise. Hopefully RTI will improved in very near future. 

Voice of Korea broadcasting from Pyongyang is also as usually blasting on 15100 kHz between 0200-0300 UTC these days. Although Radyo Pilipinas cancelled its frequency 17770 kHz, but their transmission on 15285 is very much clear between 0200-0300 kHz. Also checked 11880 kHz, and found that this frequency is much weaker than that of 15285 kHz at the same time.

Wish you all the best for nice DXing experiences in A11 season.


Prithwiraj Purkayastha

Pub Bongalpukhuri ( Pothar)

Ward No. 17
Jorhat 785001-23
Assam ( India)

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