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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wavescan-Indian DX Report: 2nd Edition

Indian DX Report- Part-2 (Date of Broadcast: 29/01/2012)

This was the General Overseas service of All India Radio, paying their homage to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, the world famous poet, singer, composer and film maker from the soil of Indian state of Assam, who passed away on 5th of November 2011 due to long illness. Bhupen Hazarika who is very close to millions of Indian hearts through his creation will always remain immortal and today I would like to dedicate this edition of Indian DX Report to the legend, the Bard of Brahmaputra.

Namaskar friends! As usually I would like to start this second edition of India DX Report with some updates from All India Radio:

From the North eastern states of India there are several regional stations of All India Radio is transmitting on the shortwaves. Here is an updates on some of such stations:

All India Guwahati is found to be on at 4940 at 0330 UTC and on 7280 kHz at 0845UTC. AIR Shillong is heard on 7315 kHz at 0835 UTC, AIR Imphal is active on 7335 kHz around 0830 UTC.

AIR Kohima and AIR Itanagar is found to be off the air for last few weeks. But both the stations are found active on Medium Waves. The Medium Wave frequencies used by AIR Kohima are 639 kHz and 1341 kHz; and AIR Itanagar can be heard on Medium Wave on the frequency of 675 kHz.

AIR Gangtok was found performing good on 4835 kHz between 0100-0401 UTC and AIR Kurseong was heard at 0815 UTC on 7230 kHz.

AIR Aizwal broadcasting with a 10 kilowatt transmitter from the beautiful Indian state of Mizoram was recently reported to be heard at Sri Lanka by ace DXer Victor Goonetilleke. AIR Aizawl is on the air on 5050 kHz between 0025 to 0400 and 1130-1630 UTC and on 7295 kHz from 0700 to 1000 hour UTC.

The General Overseas Service, the external service section of All India Radio has come up with a new website recently. Their new website is GOS is now also available on Facebook.

MYANMAR: Myanmar Radio is noted using some new frequencies. 2230 to 0130 UTC on 6030 kHz and from 0600 to 0830 on 9590 which carried mostly Burmese music. The frequency 9590 is stronger than 9730.85 which carries the regular 0230-1000 UTC transmissions. Their transmission in English can be heard on 9730.85 from 0230 to 0330 and 0700 to 0730 UTC. Here is a small recording of Myanmar Radio in English at 0700 UTC.

BHUTAN: The Bhutan Broadcasting Corporation, in short BBS, is reported to be considering changing the 49 m.b. frequency of 6035 due to heavy interference from China and Japan. The 5030 kHz is also out of band and they are also looking to locate another frequency.

INDONESIA: Voice of Indonesia (VOI) external service is off the air last few days. This is because of technical fault in the transmitter. VOI is in search of correct spares from the original equipment manufacturer. But it is not so easy for such old transmitter and expensive too. We hope VOI will be back on the air very shortly. Usually Voice of Indonesia English transmissions can be heard on 9525 kHz between 1300-1400 UTC and 1000-1100 UTC and from 2000 to 2100 UTC.

SRI LANKA: The Deutsche Welle relay station in Trincomalee which is now a property of SLBC has done a initial test on 1548. DW will not return to Trincomalee but the DW engineers are helping them in the transfer. The station will soon be available for any international broadcaster to hire air time.

AFGHANISTAN: The Radio Afghanistan is recently noted to be shifted from old frequency 6102 to 7200 kHz with much clear reception between 1530 to 1630 UTC carrying transmissions in English followed by Urdu. It is noted that in English transmission the old frequency is still being announced but in Urdu Transmission they announce the correct frequency.

CUBA: Radio Havana Cuba was noted on 6060 kHz in Spanish around 0125 UTC here in Indian Subcontinent.

RWANDA: The Domestic broadcaster of Rwanda, Radio Rwanda can be heard on 6055 kHz with fair reception. There is an English News broadcast starting between 1830 and 1835 lasting about 8 minutes.

SOUTH AFRICA: The African Nation Congress is celebrating 100 years of its formation in the year 2012. To catch up with the situation in South Africa via South African radio Channel Africa recently I tried the station on 15235 kHz between 1700 to 1800 hour UTC and successfully heard the station. Here is a short voice file of Channel Africa on 15235 kHz.

Due of tremendous propagation condition during the present months many DXers from Indian Subcontinent reportedly heard some exotic African stations with much clarity. Here is a quick summery of stations heard by my fellow DXers:

Radio National Malagasy of Madagasikara was heard 2041 UTC on 5010 KHz.

Voice of Zimbabwe was heard on 4828 kHz around 2030 UTC
It is found that CHAD & Zambia sharing same frequency of 6165 kHz, both of them comes with almost same signal strength around and after 1830 UTC, nut on 8th Jan 2012 at 2108 UTC it is found that for some unknown reason Chad was off and Zambia Radio 2 was very clear.

Radio DJIBOUTI noted on 4780 kHz at 1855 UTC.

Radio Zambia was also heard on 5915 kHz at 1910 UTC

TWR Africa from Swaziland was heard around 1800 UTC on 9500 kHz with much clarity.

Radio Damascus from tensed Syria also heard on 9330 kHz at 2100 UTC.

Dunamis Shoprtwave is a small missionary radio station on the shores of lake Victoria in Uganda running just 1 kW transmitter and it has been putting a nice dx signal into the Indian Subcontinent. It can be best heard around 1600 till 1900 hour UTC on 4750 kHZ.

Also heard VOA transmissions from IBB's African transmitters located in Botsowana at 1540 UTC on 17715 kHz and from Sao Tome site at 1530 UTC on 17895 kHz. VOA Botswana is also heard on 15580 kHz between 1730 to 1930 and on 4930 kHz between 1800 to 2100 UTC in English. While VOA Sao Tome in English is coming with much clarity on 4940 kHz between 1900 to 2030 hour UTC.

And lastly here is a good News for Indian DXers and SWLs who are willing to buy the World Radio TV Handbook 2012. This can be purchased online from and it will cost around rupees 1600/- only.

So friends with this note I would like conclude this second edition of Indian DX Report from the banks of Brahmaputra in Assam. Hope you liked this.

For this edition of my report I would like to thank heartily thanks Victor Goonetelleke of Sri Lanka, Ron Howard of California USA, Partha Sarathi Goswami, Swopan Chakraborty, Alokesh Gupta and Gautam Kumar Sharma of India for extending their full support and suggestions.

If you want to know more about this beautiful land of Rhinos and Tea Gardens OR wish to send any comments and suggestions on this DX report, then please do write to

C/o. Prithwiraj Purkayastha
JORHAT 785001

or you can drop me an email at:


Every comments by postal mail will be acknowledged by personal reply.

To listen this edition of Indian DX Report please click on the link below:

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