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Monday, June 25, 2012

Special eQSL from Radio Atlantic 2000 International

Special eQSL from Atlantic 2000 International for their 30th Anniversary transmission on 10th June 2012. This station heard via internet stream.


Atlantic 2000 International was broadcasting for the first time on shortwave on June 6, 1982 on 7325 kHz. We were on the air usually every month until July 1988.

Our first transmission equipment was a home-made 25 W transmitter, using valves.

In 1984, we built a 30 W transmitter. With our 2 equipments, we regularly broadcasted simultaneously on 2 frequencies.

Some frequencies were tested, on the 48, 41, 38 and 26 meter bands. The best results were obtained on the 41 meter band.

We received many reception reports from France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway.

After more 19 years of silence, Atlantic 2000 was back on the air on October 28, 2007 with a test transmission on 6280 kHz in the morning, and on 6210 kHz in the evening.

From 2008 to 2010, we broadcasted from Italy, by using the transmitters of Mystery Radio, and then, Radio Amica. From December 2010, we broadcast on 6005 kHz, from Kall-Krekel in Germany, who is the transmitting site of Radio 700.

Since October 2011, Atlantic 2000 is transmitting on 9480 kHz, using the relay service of MV Baltic Radio, from Göhren in Germany. The 31 meter band increased our coverage area.

Since 2007, we received a lot of reception reports from Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Serbia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Luxembourg, India, Japan and New Zealand.

Atlantic 2000 was also received in the USA via some shortwave web receivers situated in Europe.
Atlantic 2000 regularly broadcasts on the Internet, by using the Shoutcast and Podcast modes. We have a lot of connections. Many listeners are now interested by this new transmission mode.

Keep in touch with Atlantic 2000.

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