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Saturday, August 4, 2012


INDIAN DX REPORT: Part-4 (Date of Broadcast: 29th July 2012)

Written and Edited by: Prithwiraj Purkayastha
Presented by: Jeff White
Program: Wavescan 
Station: Adventist World Radio & WRMI

The first broadcast in India had started through the Radio Club of Bombay in 1923 and it was only on July 23, 1927 that the Indian Broadcasting Company Ltd was set up as a collaborative venture by the Government of India, which later evolved as All India Radio. On 23rd July this premier radio broadcast organization of Asia has celebrated its 85 th anniversary and so we would like
to dedicate this edition of Indian DX Report to All India Radio. Here are some updates from stations of AIR.

1. The north eastern states in India got some very nice Shortwave stations and AIR KOHIMA is one among them. Situated in the state capital of Nagaland, this 50 kilowatt station was inactive during last couple of months, but in recent days AIR Kohima being heard regularly on 4580 kHz, which may definitely a subject of interest for you. The present schedule of AIR Kohima is on 4850 kHz between 0000 to 0415 UTC and 1000 to 1700 UTC // and on 6065 kHz between 0430 to 0510 UTC and 0700 to 0900 UTC. Here is a recent recording of that station......<Voice File>

Meanwhile a sad news from this same station is that the station director Mrs Neizokhonuo Nakhro passed away on June 20th after a prolonged illness. She was 59. Born on December 1, 1953, she joined AIR, Kohima as assistant script editor in 1977. On behalf of all listeners of AWR and Indian DX Report I pray for the peace of diseased soul and convey our condolence to her family.

2. Recently a team of Indian DX Club International has visited the AIR Kolkata transmitter site located at Amtala near Kolkata. One 50 kilowatt SW transmitter, one 200 kilowatt, one 100 kilowatt and one 20 kilowatt Medium Wave transmitters enriched this AIR station. Few days back the 100 kilowatt medium wave transmitter mast was badly damaged due a severe storm leaving Kolkata B MW transmissions effected. Now this Kolkata B medium wave transmission is broadcast through its SW frequency 4820 kHz which can be heard till 1840 UTC as an extended schedule. So you have every possibility to catch AIR Kolkata on 4820 kHz during this extended schedule for next few weeks until that transmitter mast problem is resolved. And a good news from AIR Kolkata is that a new high power DRM transmitter reached the site and
will be fully functional as soon as it commissioned.

3. AIR Rajkot is testing and will be on air at the end of July. A Super Power Transmitter is testing during day times on 1071 & 1080 kHz in AM & DRM modes.Once test are over the total hours of broadcast will be 14 hrs 15 minutes per day. The transmission timings will be from 0015 UTC to 0430 UTC, 0830 UTC 1130 UTC and from 1230 UTC to 1930 UTC beamed to Pakistan in Urdu, Sindhi & Baluchi. The DRM will be 1080 kHz with Vividh Bharathi Service.

4. And here is some good news from AIR. All India Radio has opened its doors to foreign broadcasters recently after a long wait. Reports are coming that NHK World Radio Japan Hindi Service is already on the AIR FM Network. FM Rainbow Hyderabad is running TEST transmissions of Radio Japan Hindi programs on daily basis from Sunday, July 1. The schedule is from 1600 to 1630 UTC on 101.9 MHz. Hyderabad will be followed by Jaipur, Mumbai, and some other major cities across India. NHK is planning to increase the number of the stations by Oct. 28th.

5. Monitoring Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation's transmissions for last few days and found that the Hindi service of SLBC which is scheduled to begin at 0020 UTC on 11905 kHz was not heard until 0200 UTC. From 0200 UTC onwards this transmission heard with very weak signal and severe interference. And on 7190 kHz nothing was heard during that scheduled
transmission time. Again the All Asia English language transmission of SLBC has been heard from 0200 UTC with disturbed reception condition on 15745 kHz. This transmission suppose to begin at 0030 UTC. Meanwhile broadcasts in Hindi from SLBC at 1330-1530 UTC on 6005, 7190 & 11905 kHz has been discontinued.

And with this we came to the end of this edition of Indian DX Report. For this edition I would like thank our friend Victor Goonetilleke of Sri Lanka and all members of Indian DX Club International and news sources of DX-India.

Two beautifully designed QSLs are ready to be distributed among our listeners who send us a correct reception report for this edition of IDXR. For sending a printed paper QSL by post we request our listeners in India to send 1 IRC or Mint Indian stamps worth Rs. 25/- (for each QSL) as return postage and all listeners in abroad are requested to send 2 IRCs or mint Indian Stamps of same value as return postage with the reception report for a paper QSL by post. Reception reports without return postage will be awarded eQSLs. Please send your comments and reception reports to:

C/o. Prithwiraj Purkayastha
JORHAT 785001

Or email your reports to <>

Thank you all for listening.

Please listen the recorded file of Indian DX Report here: 


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Ramu M said...

Dear Mr PP

Nice to see you and your friends continuing to be engaged in a fascinating hobby of SWL.
I had been one enthusiast, long before around 1982. With the help of AWR ASIA and RNW I had tuned to lot of stations. Iwas active till 1996 and later due to work commitments I laid off the hobby.
I had been a member of IDXCI of Calcutta.
Now after taking VRS, I find lot of time to kill. I need your and yr associates help Mr PP, to renew my association with the hobby. I don't own any standard equipment except for my laptop and I need yourhelp to find out a receiver.

Ramu M
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