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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dear Friends,

I'de like to share a great news with all of you. After completing six successful episodes of my DX report on Wavescan, the weekly DX Program on Adventist World Radio and WRMI in USA I shall now start presenting a monthly DX Report for KBS World Radio, South Korea! It'll be a part of "Weekly DX Tips" presently hosted by Kevin O'donovan in program Worldwide Friendship and I shall join the KBS team with my DX report from India every last Saturday in a month. DX tips titled "Indian DX Report" will be first aired on 26th January, Saturday. So please stay tuned, listen and send me your comments and reception reports. 

Schedule of KBS World Radio English transmissions on Shortwave:

English 1

Time (UTC) Target Area Frequency (kHz)
0200-0300 SAm 9580
0800-0900 seAs 9570
1300-1400 Nam 15575
1300-1400 seAs 9570
1600-1700 seAs 9640
1600-1700 Eu 9515
1800-1900 Eu 7275

English 2
1100-1130 Eu (Sat only) 9760 (DRM)
2200-2230 Eu 3955 (Skelton)

English 3
0200-0300 seAs 9640
1230-1330 China 6095
1400-1500 seAs 9640

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