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Monday, September 16, 2013

Wavescan Annual DX Contest 2013- Results Announced

AWR DX program “Wavescan” take pleasure today in announcing the list of winners for the big 2013 Annual DX Contest, “Focus on Africa”. This contest took place during the month of July, and all entries were received at the Indianapolis address by the end of August. 

We are grateful again for the large number of entries received this year from so many countries around the world, and we appreciate the time consuming effort that so many listeners exerted in preparing their excellent entries. We note that many entries were from new participants this year, and we are grateful to those also who have entered on previous occasions during the past 37 years of contesting. From a long list of entries, we have chosen the following listeners to whom awards will be sent.

Here are the 2013 Continental Winners, each of whom will receive a copy of the 2014 edition of the “World Radio TV Handbook” early in the New Year:-

* Asia- Muhammad Shamim, Trivandrum, India
* Europe- Harald Denzel Egelsbach, Germany
* North America- Edward Insinger Summit NJ USA
* Latin America- Jose Roberto da Silva Cunha Governador Valaderas Brazil
* Pacific- Bruce White Karoonda SA Australia

Among the many outstanding entries in this year’s contest, neat colorful and nicely prepared, we have chosen the following to receive the Award of Merit:-

* Jonathan Short, Changshu, China
* Jose Jacob, Hyderabad, India (Has also entered every contest)
* Leonardo Santiago Puebloe Llano, Venezuela
* Vijaya Krishna Bhat, Puttur, India
* Thomas Drescher, Rosrath, Germany
* Claes Olsson, Norrkoping, Sweden
* Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France

And now, the name of the World Winner in the big 2013 AWR Annual “Wavescan” DX Contest, “Focus on Africa”. This year’s winner also presented his entry in a neat colorful book style folder with several pages in full color. He will receive a book of his choice, one of the authoritative volumes on shortwave history written by the noted radio historian Jerome Berg of suburban Boston in the United States.

The World Winner for 2013 is:- Tony Ashar, Depok, Indonesia.

Once again, we acknowledge with appreciation the many entries in this year’s “Focus on Africa” DX Contest. Thank you for participating, and we trust that you enjoyed participating as much as we did in perusing all of the interesting entries. All entries will be acknowledged through the post, and all reception reports will be verified, though it will take time, perhaps well into the New Year, to process them all.

We invite you to enter our 2014 DX Contest, which will feature “Focus on Asia”, similar to this year’s “Focus on Africa”, though there will be an additional new innovation. The 2014 contest will be staged during the month of September, due to the fact that shortwave propagation conditions during this year’s contest in July were not so favourable.

(Curtsy:- NWS238 Sun Sep 15, 2013 via Dr. Adrian M Peterson)

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