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Saturday, May 28, 2011

DX Experiments with Anjan DTS-10 & Multi Directional Dipole Antenna

Few months back when I finally got my Anjan DTS-10 receiver, I was little bit disappointed after my first experiments with this receiver. I was not able to easily use that rx as well as the result I was getting out of it, demoralize my passion for DX too. At that time I found that My Degen 1103 and Grundig YB 80 are performing much better than Anjan. But on the other hand the other users of this receiver keep giving me some positive feedbacks on its performance. Then I start thinking that if I can make one good Dipole antenna and one good grounding then the Anjan may start give me good results.

I did the same this week when I got some spare time from my busy work schedule. I build one "extraordinary" dipole antenna using 10 mt. long wire tied with a pair of 15 feet long bamboo directed to the North-Western points of my QTH and another 15 mt. long wire directed towards South-Western side of my QTH with another pair of around 15 feet long bamboo and both wires connected to my Anjan DTS 10 using a coaxial wire. By this antenna I thus covered the North-West-Southern directions for catching specially Europe, Africa and South East Asia. I was in little doubt about the performance of this antenna, as I have not seen an antenna of its kind before!! But last night when I tested this with my Anjan DTS-10 the results are real great!!! I logged some very interesting stations which I did not received before using my other receivers and that Kestral W31MS loop antenna. This proved why my DXer friend and elder brother Swopan Chakraborty strongly recommend me to buy Anjan DTS-10 and continuously asking me to prepare one good antenna and earth grounding. Last night (27th May, 2011) I logged stations like Radio Exterior de Espana in English, Voice of Nigeria in English, RTE Radio 1 via WRN in English, Voice of Vietnam in English too and some other interesting stations while doing that DX test. Specially REE was blasting just like one local FM station.  It was a great experience for me and I am really happy that both Anjan DTS-10 and the antenna are working great!

Listen to the voice files of some stations that I logged using Anjan DTS-10 receiver and my multi directional Dipole Antenna.

Voice of Nigeria (English): 15120 kHz between 1810-1900 UTC. SIO- 333

Radio Exterior de Espana (English): 9665 kHz 1900-1950 UTC. SIO- 545

Voice of Vietnam (English) : 7280 kHz 1900-1930 UTC. SIO- 544

RTE Radio 1 (English) via WRN: 5840 kHz 1930-2030 UTC. SIO- 333

Voice of Turkey (7205 kHz from 2030 UTC), RRI (11880 kHz from 2030 UTC) both in English also heard with  good reception quality during this test. Also tried Radio Damascus (9330 kHz from 2100 UTC) and RAE, Argentina (15345 kHz from 2100 UTC), but nothing was heard after several attempts until 2130 UTC.



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