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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mahalaya 2011- From a DXer's Prospective

Here is an email conversation between Swopan Chakroborty, my DX Guru and DXer from Kolkata and me after a an observation of AIR Mahalaya transmission last year done with a Philips analogue radio. I did not have a digital receiver at that time and it was very difficult for me to identify frequencies on which I listened AIR channels. 
This is what I wrote to Swopan da,

"Dear Swopan da,

I tuned in to as many as 15 stations on MW and 1 station on SW of AIR this morning ( 0400 to 0530 IST) on different frequencies, but could not identify any station except the AIR Jabalpur and AIR Guwahati  as its very difficult to identify frequencies in a Analogue radio. Is there any method by which I can identify these stations and can prepare a detail Reception Report?"

Swopan da's reply:

"That's why a digital readout is most suitable for shortwave dxing.
You can send your report to individual regional stations. They issue verification letter. 
In recent days I have not seen any QSL / verification letter issued by spectrum management division."

That conversation was dated 7th October 2010, and after that I did understood the importance of a receiver with digital readout facility and so I did decided to buy one digital receiver. Immediately I ordered one ANJAN DTS-10 receiver and that was just a beginning. Today I somehow managed to have some more receivers like Degen 1103, Grundig YB80, Kchibo KK9. But still ANJAN is my favourite as it was my first receiver ordered and I got this after a long wait and long struggle in custom's custody. Moreover it is my favourite because of its excellent performance with external antennas and its great sound quality. 

As Mahalaya 2010 was my source of inspiration for having all these digital setup of DXing, so today on this auspicious Mahalaya morning I did overnight prepared myself to did a air check of AIR special Mahalaya transmission of its different channels on SW and MW. But due to hectic work schedule of yesterday, bus journey and tiredness I did only managed to wakeup at around 2330 UTC 26th September2011 (05:00 AM IST 27th September 2011) and did a band scan to get as many stations as I can. 

As said by Victor Goonetilleke said that more the darkness more will be clear and  good medium wave receptions, and this morning it was proved again. Last year I found as many as 15 AIR stations with my analogue receiver, but could not identify all due to lack of digital readout facility. But this year I could managed to hear only 13 stations on Medium Wave. I believe if I could wakeup up more early today, I might have get to listen Mahalaya transmission carried out by some more AIR stations on Medium Wave. But 13 stations are not bad at all I believe and here is a list.

2334 UTC- 621 kHz - AIR Patna  A - Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali- SINPO 25222
2335 UTC- 648 kHz - AIR Indore    -  Mahisasura Mardini in Hindi  - SINPO- 23222 (Interference from Nepal)
2336 UTC- 657 kHz- AIR Kolkata A- Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali- SINPO - 35333
2337 UTC- 666 kHz- AIR New Delhi B- Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali (?) SINPO 35333
2338 UTC- 675 kHz- AIR Chatterpur- Some Arabic(?) chants heard, not AIR !!
2339 UTC- 711 kHz- AIR Siliguri - Mahisasura Mardini heard in Bengali with co-channel interference. SINPO 33333
2340 UTC- 729 kHz- AIR Guwahati A- Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali. SINPO 35344
2341 UTC- 747 kHz- AIR Lucknow A- MM in Bengali (?) SINPO 25322
2342 UTC- 774 kHz- AIR Shimla- MM in Hindi (?) SINPO 25232
2343 UTC- 828 kHz- AIR Silchar- Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali. SINPO 25232
2244 UTC- 954 kHz- AIR Nazibabad- Mahisarura Mardini in Hindi. SINPO 45444
2245 UTC- 981 kHz- AIR Raipur- Mahisasura Mardini in Hindi with co-channel , SINPO 23232
2246 UTC- 1476 kHz- AIR Jaipur A- Mahisasura Mardini in Hindi. SINPO 25332
2247 UTC- 1566 kHz- AIR Nagpur- Mahisasura Mardini in Bengali (?)- SINPO 24222

             ON the SHORTWAVE bands, the below video is self explanatory.

2349 UTC- 4760 kHz- AIR Port Blair- NO RECEPTION!
2350 UTC- 4820 kHz- AIR Kolkata- Signal was weak and a Chinese channel found more strong. SINPO- 11411
2351 UTC- 4810 kHz- AIR Bhopal- MM in Hindi (?) SINPO 25322
2352 UTC- 4835 kHz- AIR Gangtok- MM in Hindi with noise and propagation. SINPO- 34333
2353 UTC- 4880 kHz- AIR Lucknow- MM in Hindi (?) SINPO 35433
2355 UTC- 4895 kHz- AIR Kurseong- MM in Bangla. SINPO 33333
2356 UTC- 4940 kHz- AIR Guwahati - MM in Bangla. SINPO 45434
2357 UTC- 4965 kHz- AIR Shimla- VERY POOR and INAUDIBLE.

For all these observations I used ANJAN DTS-10 receiver along with a 20 mt. long dipole antenna. 

Although I was not satisfied with all these late observation on the waves, but still I think this report may give you some idea about the AIR channel reception conditions here in Jorhat( Latitude: 26° 45' 0 N, Longitude: 94° 13' 0 E.), Assam. Now I have started waiting for the Mahalaya transmissions of 2012, and may be on that day I can get up early to log some more MW stations and found some more SW stations carrying out Mahalaya transmission!!! With this hope.......

MOTHER DURGA IS COMMING.....HAPPY DURGA PUJA to ALL...Enjoy the life at its best on those five days of PUJA.


Prithwiraj Purkayastha
Jorhat, Assam.

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