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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st edition of "Indian DX Report" on AWR Wavescan

It has been a great and remarkable experience for me to become a part of the DX reporter team of Wavescan, the DX program of Adventist World Radio. I consider this as the greatest achievement for me as a DXer and Radio hobbyist to get this nice platform to show-off my DXing and journalistic character to the world. In this regard I must mention that, ace DXer of South Asia Mr. Victor Goonetilleke has encouraged, guided and supported me so much that I was successfully able to submit my first script and recorded clip of the "Indian DX Report" to Dr. Adrian M Peterson, the man behind this popular DX show Wavescan, well in advance. 

The first edition of "Indian DX Report" appeared on Wavescan on 30th October 2011.

Ace DXer from India Alok Das Gupta informed us about the history of DX reports from India as below:

" When Adrian Peterson was living in India(Poona) he started RADIO MONITORS INTERNATIONAL program over SLBC on every Sundays at 1100-1130 UTC where I've contributed and started SOUTH ASIA DX REPORT on every 4th Sundays of the month. This was during the 80's and 90's. And I think in and around 2000 Jose Jacob started a monthly dx segment over Wavescan and during that time it was recorded in Hongkong."

So Indian DX Report is another edition of DX supplement from India into a international DX show and I am proud to be the editor and presenter of this program. 

The Script

DX groups and forums available over internet and informations given my DXer friends from around the world are my sources of information collection for preparing the script of "Indian DX Report". In this regard I must mention that Alokesh Gupta da, Swopan Chakraborty da and Gautam Sharma da provided and suggested me lots of information while compiling topics for the first report. The magic happned when Victor sir from Sri Lanka sent me two news items on the radio scene in Sri Lanka along with a nice voice clip of SLBC being heard on Medium Wave in Sweden by ace medium wave dxer Jim Solati. This made the report more interesting and colourful as well. Here is the script for the 1st edition of INDIAN DX REPORT which was aired by Adventist World Radio in their program Wavescan. 

INDIAN DX REPORT- October 2011

Namaskar and Hello friends! Welcome to the very first edition of "Indian DX Report" on WAVESCAN! I am Prithwiraj Purkayastha, editor and presenter for this INDIAN DX REPORT. Its a dream coming true today for me just as I am reading my first report on WAVESCAN and I would like to thank Dr. ADRIAN PETERSON for giving me this opportunity to present this report on Wavescan. My special thanks goes to Victor Goonetelleke of Sri Lanka and Swopan Chakraborty, Alokesh Gupta, Gautam Kumar Sharma of India and all my DXer friends around the world who helped and encouraged me to come-up with this new DX Report, without which this may not have become a reality. So friends lets begin the journey.....

I would like to begin this month's report with some news from All India Radio.

THE ALL INDIA RADIO SHIMLA has come-up with a new website recently. Their new website is WWW.AIRSHIMLA.COM. AIR Shimla also verifying reception reports with QSL letters for their transmissions on Short Wave and Medium Wave. AIR Shimla transmissions can be heard on Short Wave between 0035 to 0200 UTC on 4965 kHz, 0215 to 0400 UTC on 6020 kHz, 0700 UTC onwards on 6020 kHz, 1300 to 1730 UTC on 4965 kHz. Reception reports can be sent to <>

All India Radio Port Blair has been reported to be issuing e-qsls for the correct reception report. AIR Port Blair can be heard on Shortwave on 4760 kHz between 2355 UTC to 0300 UTC and between 1030 to 1700 UTC and on 7390 kHz between 0315 to 0400 UTC and 0700 to 0931 UTC. Reception reports can be emailed to <>

AIR Itanagar was recently heard on 4990 kHz at 1715 UTC. This 50 kilowatt AIR station lays in the north earstern part of India boardering China and their transmission is a rare catch always on Shortwave. Their usual shortwave schedule is on 4990 kHz between 0020 to 0400 UTC and 1000 to 1630 UTC and on 6150 kHz between 0700 to 0900 UTC.

Radio Argentia Exterior was received in Abhayapuri, a small town in Assam bordering Bhutan, on 4th October with Interval signal etc. on 11710kHz from 0058utc onwards by Dxer Gautam Kumar Sharma using his Grundig Yatch Boy 400 digital reciver with long copper wire as external antenna.

MY NEXT NEWS ARE FROM SRI LANLA: As the Medium Wave season opens up in Europe I am sure DXers will like to have a go on 1125 kHz for SLBC's new MW station in Puttalam running of 20 kilowatt daily between 1530-1630. This last week the station was picked up by ace medium wave dxer Jim Solati in Sweden.

So do try 1125 kHz Medium wave for SLBC's Tamil service between 1530 and 1630 UTC.

On shortwave SLBC broadcasts to the Middle East in Sinhalese with some announcements in Tamil and English daily on 11750 kHz from 1530 to 1830 UTC.

DW Trincomalee: It is a sad story we have regarding DW Trincomalee which closed on the 27th of October. The first test transmissions from this station started on the 1st of December 1984 when it became the 5th relay station of DW Radio. The future of the station is still not very clear, although the station, according to the agreement signed on 12th August 1980 becomes the property of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. The SLBC hopes to run the station and who knows might even relay some transmissions for Deutsche Welle to China and of many other international broadcasters to Asia on SW and MW.

The new Shortwave transmission season “B11” is just about to start and I hope that you can catch more and more stations from the subcontinent during winter. With all my best wishes I am concluding this first edition of Indian DX Report from the beautiful north east Indian state of Assam. If you want to know more about this beautiful land of Rhinos and Tea Gardens OR wish to send any comments and suggestions on this DX report, then please do write to

C/o. Prithwiraj Purkayastha
JORHAT 785001

or you can drop me an email at:



Listener's Feedbacks

After that first edition of "INDIAN DX REPORT" being aired  by AWR in Wavescan  some inspiring feedbacks received from all over the world the world via Facebook DX forums, email, etc. Here is a compilation of some message.....

Victor Goonetilleke, Sri Lanka : Fantastic and congrats to Prithiviraj.

Moses Vasanthan, India: Congrats Prithwiraj!! Well presented.

Gavin Hellyer, Ararat, Victoria: Wonderful Prithwiraj, really well done.


Bruce Jensen, USA: Congratulations, Prithwiraj, on this wonderful venture!

Swopan Chakraborty, India: Heard the first edition on 15255 kHz. Liked the presentation. But reading address so slowly taking lots of time. I appreciate your enthu. Keep it up.

Alok Dasgupta, India: Just now heard your first dx report from AWR Wavescan and as a first report it was excellent. It is a great achievement for any dxer to have his voice on a dx program.

Soumya Bhattacharya, India : Supperlike. Wish you all the best dada, let all our radios be tuned to AWR today!


Jaisakthivel Thangavel, India: I too listen it. Good compilation. keep it up. Thanks to add the Dxers Guide...

Rajdeep Das, India: Excellent DX report Prithwiraj ...we're proud of you ! Way to go!! All the Best 73 !

Subir Basu, India: Dear Prithwiraj, Tuned to the 1st edition of the Indian Dx Report. Very good presentation. I specially liked the audio clippings. Keep it up.

And mails still coming............ 

The Recorded File of 1st "INDIAN DX REPORT" 

My friend and  veteran DXer of Kolkata Babul Gupta recorded the following voice file on Shortwave of my DX Report on Wavescan on 30th October 2011. 

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