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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Trip to Karimganj- My Native Land

Few days back I visited our ancestral house at the Sadarashi village in Karimganj District of Assam. We reached Karimganj after a hectic bus journey which we started from Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) at Guwahati after reaching there overnight from Jorhat by train. We started our Journey at 6 PM from Guwahati by an ASTC night super bus and reached Karimganj town early next morning. During our jounney we came across Shillong in Meghalaya and we crossed this beautiful hill city during late night. The bus did stopped at Adabasti for dinner before reaching Shillong and then Ladrimbai. The bus was running in the hilly roads and its always exciting to travel in the roadways in this path. 
Beginning of a long journey...

Karimganj- Our Native Land

Map of Karimganj

Satsang Bihar at Karimganj

It is always a great feeling when ever I come to this town because this is the place where my parent's originality belong and by virtue I was also born in Karimganj before being brought to Jorhat at the age of only three months as both my parents shifted to Jorhat because of their job. So its an immotional connection I am having with Karimganj and adding more to this I also married to girl of this town, Barnali my wife. So lots of factors working behind my love for this place.

Karimganj District is located in the Southern tip of Assam - a state in the North-eastern corner of India. Together with two other neighbouring districts - Cachar and Hailakandi - it constitutes the Barak Valley zone in Southern Assam. The geographical location of Karimganj district is between longitudes 92°15' and 92°35' east and latitudes 24°15' and 25°55' North.

Located strategically, the district shares 92 Kms. of International Border with the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. 41 Kms of this is demarcated by the river Kushiara while 51 Kms is land border. On some stretches, there is no natural geographical demarcation for the border which cuts across open agricultural or grazing fields. However, on most parts, the international border with Bangladesh is marked by either the river Kushiara, or the sub-mountain tracts of the Adamail range. In a sense, Karimganj, along with the neighbouring district of Cachar demarcates the frontier between the plains of the Padma-Meghna basin and the hilly North-east India.

Shots of the Kali Puja and Deepawali Celebration in Karimganj

My Mother's ancestral Home at Sib Bari Road, Karimganj

Festivity continues...

The famous "Madanmohan Akhra" of Karimganj

Festivity Continues...

River Longai....

My Mother-in-law at work..

My in-law's house at Sattlement Road..

Sadarashi Village: My Father's Place

"Sadarashi Bhalobasi, Ponditer Desh"--- a popular saying in the locality meaning "I love Sadarashi, the land of intelligent". SADARASHI is the village from where our origin belongs. My father was born in this village, spends a large part of his life dwelling in this village until he shifted to Jorhat (our home town) due to his job. I still remember visiting this village with my parents during festivals quite regularly and I was always amazed by the beauty of this village set-up and freshness available in its air. Here we are still able to learn the origininy of our tradition and custom as well as our rich Sylethi culture. Also can recollects the memory of father and his beloved "Purkayastha Bari".

The Village Sadarashi is the only Revenue Village of its surroundings in karimganj district from British period.The village pay taxes to the British Govt. thats why the village is also known as "Kar-di" in its surroundings (Kar means Tax and Di means paying or giving, thus the village Kardi means Tax-paying village).

There is a incomplete Satsang Bihar aside the big Banyan tree shadow (popularly known as "Botortol") welcomes you to the historic village of Sadarashi.The population of Village Sadarashi is near about 1450 persons according to 2011 Census.There are two temples, one of these temples history is about five hundred years old. Near about five or six years ago the ruins of this historic temple was destroyed due to an earthquake. There three lower primary school,one higher secondary school. In Sadarashi the Renowned Higher Secondary School "Kushiarkul H S School" is situated which gives tremendous results every year and is the proud of this village. Near about 98 percent people are literate. Many of them are working in various part of the country in various field.There is a post office, one daily market name Girishganj,and there is a hospital with near about 30 seat capacity. There is a brisk industry also. That is why all the path of the village is made of brisk. So it is comfortable for journey in motor vichecle.It is near about 2.5 km west of city Karimganj.

My Village Sadarashi....

Our Ancestral House


Barnali offering Bhai Fota to her cousin

Barnali at Village home

Barnali at work..


I shall come back soon my dear land......

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Ramu Das said...

What a beautiful post. The photos are excellent, too. My ancestral home also happens to be Karimganj, it was good to read about this place.