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Thursday, August 15, 2013


As India today celebrated 67th Independence day and its a national holiday today, so I got the opportunity to spend some time with my radios and log these stations today at my QTH located in Jorhat in the Assam state of India. Geographical location Latitude: 26° 45' 0 N, Longitude: 94° 13' 0 E, receivers used JRC NRD-91 and Sangean ATS-909 and antenna used 20 mt. long multidirectional antenna and Kestral W31MS active loop antenna.  

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation transmitting from Trincomalee in Hindi received on 11905 kHz around 0205 UTC with great signal today. Here is a video:- 

Bangladesh Betar Home Service transmitting from Shavar in Bengali received on 4750 kHz around 0145 UTC with clear reception. Watch the video:

Vatican Radio in Indian languages was also coming with nice signal on 15460 kHz around 0220 UTC. Here is a video:-

KTWR from Guam in English also received with fair signal on 15200 kHz around 0920 UTC. Here is a video:-

Radio Mashal from Kuwait in Poshto received on 15740 kHz around 0926 UTC with fine reception. Here is a video:-

Radio Pakistan from Islamabad in Urdu received on 15725 kHz with not much satisfactory reception though around 0925 UTC. 

Voice of Russia in English was booming on 21820 kHz around 0930 UTC. VOR was also coming great on 21800 kHz at this same time. Watch the video:- 

T8WH- World Harvest Radio from Palau in English was monitored with good reception on 9930 kHz around 0932 UTC. 

But Voice of Mongolia English transmission was not heard today at 0900 UTC on 12085 kHz. Please see the video. 

Hope these logging details will be of some use to my fellow DXers around the world. 



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