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Thursday, August 15, 2013

India's 67th I-Day Celebration- Some AIR Monitoring Observation

Today India is celebrating 67th Independence Day and on this auspicious occasion All India Radio and all its regional stations on shortwave, medium wave and FM has broadcast live coverage of Flag Hosting and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's address to the nation from Red Fort, New Delhi. Here are some monitoring observation of AIR stations on SW and MW from my QTH at Jorhat in the North Eastern state of Assam. 

AIR Kohima, which was off air for past several weeks, monitored active during I-Day celebration. After yesterday's coverage of President's message to the nation between 1330-1400 UTC, today AIR Kohima was received with strong signal and clear audio on 4850 kHz from my monitoring time 0130 UTC. AIR Kohima also heard on MW 639 kHz, with not so strong reception though.  Here are two videos. 

AIR Aizawl, again a North East Indian station, was also active with live I-Day coverage on 5050 kHz at 0145 UTC. 

AIR Shillong, on 4971 kHz (instead on actual 4970 kHz) was inactive yesterday during President's message coverage. But today this station was also heard with good signal at 0140 UTC on 4971 kHz with running commentary from Red Fort. 

AIR Itanagar, though off air on SW 4990 kHz, but today heard them on MW 675 kHz with I-Day coverage. Here is a video. 

Another AIR regional station from NE India, like AIR Guwahati was heard on 7420 kHz but nothing was on 4940 kHz which has been reported off air for some time now. AIR Imphal (on 7335 kHz and 4775 kHz) is still off air and nothing heard on occasion of Independence day. AIR Gangtok from Sikkim was heard on 4835 kHz but the reception was not that satisfactory here in my QTH. Here is a quick reception summary of other AIR stations I have monitored this morning during I-Day celebration coverage from Red Fort.

7225 kHz- ?- SINPO- 33333
11985 kHz- Delhi- SINPO 45444 
15050 kHz- Delhi- SINPO 55555
6030 kHz- Delhi- Not heard
6155 kHz- Aligarh- Not Heard
9595 kHz- Delhi- SINPO 55444
11620 kHz- B'luru- SINPO 35333
7430 kHz- Bhopal- Not Heard
7380 kHz- Chennai- SINPO 35333
7420 kHz- Hyderabad- Not Heard
7210 kHz- Kolkata- SINPO 35222
7390 kHz- Port Blair- Not Heard
6020 kHz- Shimla- Fainted 
4880 kHz- Lucknow- SINPO 25222
4895 kHz- Kurseong- SINPO 35333 
4950 kHz- Srinagar- Not Heard 

And last but not the least AIR Dibrugarh from Assam was also heard on MW 567 kHz with clear reception relaying I-Day coverage from Delhi station. 

For all these above monitoring I have used my JRC NRD-91 receiver and a 20 mt. long multi directional long wire antenna and these observations were made between 0130 to 0225 UTC. 

With my hearty Independence Day wishes to all my fellow Indians. 


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